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In today’s fast forwarding world, it is agreed that it is much harder for a person to give you their time than it is for them to give you their money. With this mind, it is not hard to come to hear that certain seminar had a low turnout. The common assumption that ends up arising is that there is a lack of interest. In contrast, the factor that failed to be actualized during the marketing of the seminar is rather was its intention. Due to this, in terms of time and monetary terms, no of them gets recovered back.

By getting the time factor correct in seminar marketing, can prove to being either a success or a fail. A lot of the seminars with not high attendance rates is usually all down to the timing. As an example, suppose we have a short seminar that is to take place in April. Armed with letters that are well stated, seminar marketers send them twelve weeks before the actual seminar day. Given that the seminar is a short one, the general rule is that if the seminar is short, so should the announcement period be. In this case then, the best time for having to send the letters would have been between two to four weeks before the event.

Now you have the time just right but did your letters of invitation get to the right potential attendees? One should ensure that a proper research is put into the target list of attendances. Suppose that the seminar that is planned will be about networking in technology. While the mailing packages and topic is correct, network administrators do not get the mails instead software developers do. Definitely it is not a brainer that the attendance rate will be dismal to say the least. If only much effort was put into fining the correct mailing list, then seminar would not have a dismal attendance.

The idea of having marketing partners is not put into consideration whereby the attendance might increase as a result. Resources get pooled together when marketing partners of a seminar come together. The pooled resources results to an increase to the mailing list which in turns means a high attendance. In order that the event may seem more relevant to the attendees, having a list of presenters makes this possible.

On the subject of payment, most seminar marketer tend to feel that the seminar should be free. What most do not understand is that by making the event to free, it creates the impression to that the event is just for passing time. By having a registration fee, it means that serious and the intend attendees are more likely to come. In return to monetary terms attendees expect to gain value. Should the seminar be able to deliver on its stated value, then one is able to build a reputation on which people can rely on. In spite of this, free seminar can be as successful as well. Provided that the factors of seminar marketing are adhered to then one is less likely to fail.
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